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About Francesca

Francesca, Medical Medium Intuitive

Main Areas: Medical Medium, Intuition, Energy Healing, Coaching Spiritual Growth, Teaching Psychic Skills, Empathy, Channeling
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Career Focus: Healer & Medical Intuitive MediumFrancesca-Fleming-medical-intuitive
Availability:  In-person or by phone nationally and internationally

“Francesca was born gifted,” declared my grandmothers. I grew up in New England – upper New York State and Boston. Even as a young child I was able to ‘see’ the energies of others—it just came naturally. In fact, I had to learn to turn down or tune out the information so I would not become overwhelmed.

As an adult, I sharpened and expanded my natural skills through the mentoring of several well-known healers (including Caroline Myss, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, Dr. Frank Alper, Dr. Eric Pearl, Shaman B. Secuda, and other Hawaiian and Lakota shamans). Many of my clients say that I am like a mixture of Edgar Cayce, Anthony Williams and Caroline Myss. My talents include remote viewing, scrying, healing hands, empathy and Divine channeling.

Over the last 30 years, I have read over 18,000 people. Clients say my accuracy is over 95%. By far the majority of clients have reported improvement in their physical, emotional and/or spiritual state and even complete restoration to health and well-being. See ‘What clients say…‘ for just a few examples.

With my extreme empathy, I ‘scan’ your body. I then ‘look’ at your original body template with which you entered this life and compare it to your present state. Through Divine channeling (mediumship), I receive your Spiritual, physical, emotional and sometimes mental states; your weaknesses, strengths, what nutrients are missing, whether surgery is needed, etc. Because each person is unique in their bodies and their life experiences, the guidance I receive is specific to your body’s issues in your tissues and any karma you may have incurred that is ready to be released.


  • Mentored with C. Myss; Frank Alper; Brandt Secuda (shaman); Eric Pearl et al.
  • Usui and Karuna Reiki Master (for over 25 years)
  • Master in Vibration Energies
  • Third degree practitioner in Reconnection
  • Level 3 Practitioner of Pranic Healing and Therapy

Teaching and Lecturing
I periodically teach classes in Reiki, healing, psychometry, managing empathy, color therapy and healing, balancing of chakras, dowsing and topics to increase your psychic or intuitive talents. For several years, I have lectured at Edgar Cayce groups in the Pacific Northwest.

I am certified to teach and credential students in Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master.