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Zoom class ADVANCED EMPATHY INTUITION 2022, Recorded 5 Zoom class series
plus handouts Class notes; block and suppression. BUNDLE
This class opens your intuition through the use of Empathy. It works to increase the minor chakra points (Marma points) to open you up. It will take you through some advanced concepts followed by practice either in the same class or the following class. It centers on teaching you how to use your Heart to clarify and verify the intuitive information you receive. This live class was recorded.

PLEASE NOTE: MP3 Sessions were recorded at low volume.

Basic Chakras – Live Class training.
mp3 plus two paper handouts
Basic Color Stones and Flower Essences – Live Class Training.
mp3 plus paper handout
Karma & Wellness Live Lecture 2008 mp3
Pendulum Basics – Live Class Training.
mp3 plus paper handout
Clearing Visualization mp3