How Does Energy Work Affect the Body?

The healing energy I use pushes the body to eliminate elements such as toxins, viruses, foreign chemicals. This means your body could also release helpful medications along with the toxins. It could happen immediately with the first energy work session, or gradually over several sessions. By knowing what medications you are taking, I can modulate the energy vibration and frequencies to limit the release of your meds. For this reason, it is important that you tell me all the meds you are taking.

In addition, you will need to work with your medical practitioner to monitor your medications as you heal. Why? You may need to reduce the dosage or eliminate the meds altogether. It is important to consult your practitioner about changes in meds. This is your responsibility.

Rapid detoxing can produce flu-like symptoms. If this happens to you, I can slow down the release of meds and toxins to provide a gentler healing with practically no detox symptoms.

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