I Am Healing — what do I do with my medications?

First, I am not a physician. It is your responsibility to work with your medical practitioner as you are healing. I will guide you if you wish, but you need to ask your doctor to monitor your medications as you heal. Why? Your need for the medications may be reduced or eliminated over time — your doctor is the person who is tasked with monitoring and modifying your drug treatment plan. It is your responsibility to ensure that any modification of your meds be done in consultation with your practitioner.

For example, a client tells me he is suffering from depression and is taking anti-depressants prescribed by his doctor. In the reading, it is suggested he change his foods and supplements. He returns for several healing sessions while continuing to take his medication. He reports that he feels great right after the session, but then experiences anxiety several days later. At this point, I would ask the client to check with his doctor about his medication level. In all the years I have been assisting people, the doctors generally find the medication levels are too high following energy healing sessions.