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Medical Intuition

Medical Medium & Intuitive Healer, Francesca offers…

A ‘guiding map’ to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Specific solutions unique to your body, to aid in your healing journey.


Is your body speaking to you?                           Angels guide the information…

  • Do you believe you’re ill but a cause cannot be found and you don’t know where to start to resolve it?
  • Do you have a diagnosis, and want to know what you can do to support your healing – be it nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, energy therapy, reiki, etc?
  • You have been told that you have X. You are grateful that you’re not crazy that it’s not all in your head. But, a part of you knows you are more than just a diagnosis and wants to release the issues in your tissues.
  • Are you tired at certain times of the day or all the time? Are you sometimes disoriented in stores or around crowds?
  • Do you want to identify any ‘issues in your tissues’ that may be underlay your condition, and what you can do to clear them?
  • You’re ready to change — what is required and how do you get there? You want to learn the tools, your specific and unique way to help yourself.

During a reading, Francesca:

  • scans your body, aura & chakras; connects to Guidance and your Angels
  • receives information from your soul about your body health and the issues behind the dis-ease that is specific and unique to you;
  • receives detailed information on what you can do about your issues, be they physical, spiritual and/or emotional;
  • makes recommendations based on the reading, such as changing your diet or lifestyle, adding herbs and/or supplements that will help you, deleting supplements that are not working for you, doing specific meditations.

 Francesca offers energy healing tailored to you.

  • Healing energy is channeled through Francesca by Divine and is directed to what you need at the physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels.
  • She offers in-person sessions or distance healing in which energy is transmitted to you instantaneously wherever you are.
  • Healing modalities include Reiki; Pranic Healing; Reconnection™; Vibration Healing; Crystal Healing; Color Healing; Sound Healing; Chakra Clearing and Balancing; Aura Clearing.


“We are more than a physical body, and often it is an emotion or negative belief or past event that is the trigger for our dis-ease.” …Francesca