Questions About Energy Work, Medical Intuition and Healing

The healing energy I use pushes the body to eliminate elements such as toxins, viruses, foreign chemicals. This means your body could also release helpful medications along with the toxins. It could happen immediately with the first energy work session, or gradually over several sessions. By knowing what medications you are taking, I can modulate the energy vibration and frequencies to limit the release of your meds. For this reason, it is important that you tell me all the meds you are taking.

In addition, you will need to work with your medical practitioner to monitor your medications as you heal. Why? You may need to reduce the dosage or eliminate the meds altogether. It is important to consult your practitioner about changes in meds. This is your responsibility.

Rapid detoxing can produce flu-like symptoms. If this happens to you, I can slow down the release of meds and toxins to provide a gentler healing with practically no detox symptoms.

First, I am not a physician. It is your responsibility to work with your medical practitioner as you are healing. I will guide you if you wish, but you need to ask your doctor to monitor your medications as you heal. Why? Your need for the medications may be reduced or eliminated over time — your doctor is the person who is tasked with monitoring and modifying your drug treatment plan. It is your responsibility to ensure that any modification of your meds be done in consultation with your practitioner.

For example, a client tells me he is suffering from depression and is taking anti-depressants prescribed by his doctor. In the reading, it is suggested he change his foods and supplements. He returns for several healing sessions while continuing to take his medication. He reports that he feels great right after the session, but then experiences anxiety several days later. At this point, I would ask the client to check with his doctor about his medication level. In all the years I have been assisting people, the doctors generally find the medication levels are too high following energy healing sessions.

Some people are extremely sensitive to energy and are also very empathic. They feel what others are sending out emotionally and mentally. I am able to modulate the intensity of the energy fields, clear out the ‘over-stimulation from others’ (remove blocks) and generally put you into your original energy/aura state.

Most folks will feel my energy work as heat, or cold, or a pressure. A very sensitive person may feel all that and more — a sudden feeling of disconnection from the Earth; or perhaps they tune into something going on in my body, such as a muscle cramp in my calf. Just let me know. I am able to take myself out the energy flow equation and clear the cords of connection between us as well as those between you and others.

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Every healer is unique. We all have our own ‘style’ threading through the reading or the energy healing we provide. A trained and experienced healer and reader will deeply ignite your healing process. Some will focus on symptoms, whether physical or emotional; some will be guided to explore the underlying issues in your tissues. It is important to find a healer that you resonate with.

In my readings, I give you specific suggestions tailored to your unique body/soul. This channeled information can include supplements, herbs, changes in diet and lifestyle, as well as affirmations or meditations, to aid your healing process. I have found that permanent healing in my clients happens when they: 1) participate in balancing and affirming their health and/or 2) work on their issues – karmic or self-created in this lifetime. As you work on the nature of your illness by participating consciously in the healing work and making changes in your lifestyle, you will step into a healthier you.

Yes — drugs and medications mask your current form. They are like clay filling in the ‘pot holes’ in your form. To see past the ‘clay filler’ during the reading, I need to be informed of all the drugs or medications you are taking. Just knowing you are on thyroid medication, for instance, will allow me to pull off the ‘clay’ and give you more accurate information on your thyroid function. I do not disrupt the effects of your meds; I just see through them.

For example, someone who has been taking thyroid meds for years may forget to let me know. I might say, “Your thyroid feels like it is functioning well” and they would reply, “Oh, but I take thyroid meds.” I see this as an error in my reading – the low-functioning of the thyroid gland is masked by the medication that is supplementing the gland. If the client had told me they were on thyroid medication, I would have known to look past the cover, to ‘see’ the actual condition of the thyroid gland.

Interestingly, herbs and supplements do not cover the body in ‘clay’. They do not interfere with the readings or the healing energy sessions. In fact, I often ‘read’ how much, how often and what kinds of supplements or herbs are best for your unique form.

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Yes — over the years, I have worked directly with various doctors and medical professionals, providing my insights for their patients. For example, my reading may lead the doctor to perform a particular lab test; more often than not, the test supports the findings from my reading. Sometimes, clients will share the results of the reading with their practitioner — some docs are more open than others to channeled information.

Let me emphasize, I am not a doctor and I would not undermine your relationship with your practitioner. Indeed, I have often received channeled recommendations that clients consult specific doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and therapists. It is your responsibility to work with your medical practitioner as you are healing and to consult with them before making any changes to your meds or treatment plan.

Only Yahweh is perfect. Being human means I sometimes make mistakes in ‘translating’ the parade of Divine information that I receive. Nevertheless, many of my clients feel I am 95% accurate or better. Some have called back to say, “It did not happen when you said, but it did later on”. You will know if the information you receive is beneficial by following the suggestions. How? Because some healing, if not all, will take place. And yes, there may be a healing crisis — please call or email me if that happens.

Rarely, I have gotten absolutely everything backwards (it happens once every few hundred sessions). If this should occur, I will reschedule and read you again at no extra cost to you.

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Energy healing sessions are simply amazing to me. I allow the Divine to flow energy through me at the required frequency. I may also use Usui Reiki, Pranic Healing or Reconnection.

All healing energy therapy (‘energy work’) is channeled through me from Divine in a variety of ways, according to the needs and desires of the client. I do hands on energy healing as well as remote healing, often called distance healing — they are equally effective.

I am a Reiki Master, both Usui and Karuna (for over 25 years); Master in Vibration Energies; Third degree practitioner in Reconnection

It is natural for me to ‘see’ the energy of others — I have had this ability since early childhood. Many see my work as a mix of Edgar Cayce and Carolyn Myss.

During your reading:

  • First, I do an energy ‘scan’ of your body. This can be done in person or from a photo. The scan anchors me into your form via my empathic abilities.
  • Next, I open myself to Divine for information about your health and body condition. It is literally like seeing 2 pictures superimposed: how you should be, and how you are in the present. The difference between the pictures reveals the nature of your issues; I see solutions as a parade of information across the screen of my mind.
  • Lastly, I use my empathic abilities to double check all the information I am given including supplements, herbs, etc. tailored for you.

The information I receive is detailed enough to be used as an adjunct to your practitioner’s treatment. For instance, I often see the depletions of certain nutrients and what food, supplements or herbs work best for you; I see what issues/illness are present including the Karmic ones. I ‘hear’ what can be done that works for your unique body. Suggestions are not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis, but are empowering to you to create health in your world. This is how I read people.

During a reading, I scan your body: systems, organs, cells, down to the DNA level and up to the Spiritual and Energetic bodies. I look at the physical and environmental factors as well as the issues in your tissues and the karma that may be causing the dis-ease. This Psychic Reading is channeled from your Soul and the Divine into my heart.

I compare the original design of your chakras, aura and body at your incarnation to your current condition. This allows me to receive information to help you move toward your original, healthy self–for example, a new lifestyle or nutritional program. Karmic illnesses are usually hidden challenges that arise from issues you carry from this or past lives.

A medical intuitive reading can come in several forms. Channeled information sessions help you not only to understand the nature of your health challenges but also to release the emotional or spiritual blocks linked to karmic illness. Healing and heart-opening/chakra-opening sessions are available. These sessions are akin to spiritual coaching and foster your own growth and intuitive gifts. Energy healing sessions align, strengthen and release the blocks to your healing.