Questions About Energy Work, Medical Intuition and Healing

It is natural for me to ‘see’ the energy of others — I have had this ability since early childhood. Many see my work as a mix of Edgar Cayce and Carolyn Myss.

During your reading:

  • First, I do an energy ‘scan’ of your body. This can be done in person or from a photo. The scan anchors me into your form via my empathic abilities.
  • Next, I open myself to Divine for information about your health and body condition. It is literally like seeing 2 pictures superimposed: how you should be, and how you are in the present. The difference between the pictures reveals the nature of your issues; I see solutions as a parade of information across the screen of my mind.
  • Lastly, I use my empathic abilities to double check all the information I am given including supplements, herbs, etc. tailored for you.

The information I receive is detailed enough to be used as an adjunct to your practitioner’s treatment. For instance, I often see the depletions of certain nutrients and what food, supplements or herbs work best for you; I see what issues/illness are present including the Karmic ones. I ‘hear’ what can be done that works for your unique body. Suggestions are not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis, but are empowering to you to create health in your world. This is how I read people.