Testimonials Medical Intuitive Medium

Testimonials About Francesca Medical Intuitive Medium

D.L., New YorkD.L., New YorkFrancesca is a great medical intuitive medium.

Francesca is a great medical intuitive medium. She has the ability to immediately tune in to what is out of balance in the physical body, identifying the cause, and suggesting alternative therapies and supplementation to remedy the problem. I have had sessions with a couple of other medical intuits but Francesca is by far the best. I look forward to implementing the suggestions she made to me.

K.B. Salem, ORK.B. Salem, ORFrancesca has a very loving and respectful energy

When I found myself confronted with my doctor’s advice to have a certain invasive medical procedure, I decided that it was time to put together a team who could help me address the causes of my symptoms. Francesca came highly recommended by a group of friends who had all worked with her, so I decided to bring her onto my “information and healing” team.

Francesca gave me various levels of information about the symptoms I was having – physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and karmic. I appreciated this kind of insight, as it helped me tune in to my health issues with a more holistic view. The remedies she gave me were also multi-layered (affirmations, dietary, supplements, bodywork, etc.), and worked. After 6 months my body was greatly improved and my mental/emotional state was lighter. I had much better energy and a more positive outlook.

My Naturopathic doc, who knows of Francesca, brought Francesca’s insights into our conversations, and from there came up with some additional remedies to support my healing journey. In addition to the help I received from Francesca and my Naturopath, I began a routine of oil pulling for my teeth and gum health. There were a lot of new elements to incorporate into my daily and weekly routine, and I noticed that it was important for me to do this in a gradual manner, so as not to become overwhelmed. This tiered approach was very helpful, and did not seem to hinder my healing process.

It is also important to mention that I experienced a period of things feeling like they were getting worse before they got better, as well as new symptoms arising. I’ve heard this called a “healing crisis”. It’s not that it got terrible, but I really wondered if all of my efforts were working. Francesca and I spoke during this time, and made some additions to my regimen. I kept with it, and it all resolved.

Francesca has a very loving and respectful energy, and practices in an ethically sound manner, all of which I noticed and appreciated throughout our work together.

Working with Francesca was a new and enlightening experience that gave me not only hope, but helped me take the health of my body into my own hands, and ultimately led to healing results.

I recommend her most highly.

G. R., Desert Hills, ArizonaG. R., Desert Hills, ArizonaDuring distant healing, she has relieved my colon pain…

Francesca has, by way of a “body scan”, assessed the health problems I have had. During distant healing, she has relieved my colon pain over the phone! She is an enormous help in identifying and eliminating certain issues blocking my way back to personal health. She is a friendly healer with awesome gifts to share with this world! I’m grateful for her help so far and recommend her to anyone with health problems. Thank you!

Anonymous, Portland, ORAnonymous, Portland, ORThis biopsy was conclusively negative.

She patiently worked with me for a year and a half until my illness left. Her insistence that my husband and I hold the opinion that I do not have cancer despite the medical diagnosis was amazing. The illness ruptured through the skin three days before the fifth and last biopsy. This biopsy was conclusively negative. She is a combination of Edgar Cayce and Caroline Myss that shouldn’t be missed. Her energy healing work is gentle and profound at the same time.

M. N., Vancouver, WAM. N., Vancouver, WAI decided I would see Francesca every year.

After healing my gut and joint pain, I decided I would see Francesca every year. Just in case, as a check-up.

M. K., Eugene, ORM. K., Eugene, OR…grateful for the God-given directions Francesca gave me

I was diagnosed with MS and beginning to stumble. Francesca pointedly asked if I was a fighter and if I wanted to keep walking and moving up to the end of my life. Yes, I said. That was a great day for me. Five years later and the change in nutrition, vitamins and prayer work healing has me feeling better than I have in years. I am in school again and I am grateful for the God-given directions Francesca gave me.

S. P., Portland, ORS. P., Portland, ORFrancesca was very straight with me.

Francesca was very straight with me. She saw how deeply my anxiety and panic disorder went. Though she could only offer me some healing work and nutritional changes to cut some of the edge off my disorder, I am still thankful I saw her. With her healing work, I had one day of experiencing utter calmness and contentment. At her direction, I found a mental health therapist and doctor that have finally provided me with disability benefits and some medication. What is amazing is that she didn’t charge for two of the three sessions I had with her. She said it was because my condition was part of my Soul’s work in this lifetime and not to be healed by her. Either way, I am not as anxious. I still follow her recommendations, and I take my medications.

S. H., Wimberley, TXS. H., Wimberley, TXI have been feeling better ever since.

I felt a lot of resistance during our session which was interesting. My awareness allowed me to open up to your suggestions (your gifts). I immediately purchased the supplements, cd’s and book. I have been feeling better ever since. And, an experience came my way to assist me in releasing “victimization” vibe. Thank you God! Thank you Francesca! I am waiting awhile to “do” the book to attract a partner. I have my “hands” full with me, myself and I!

N.K., Joseph, ORN.K., Joseph, OR…my notes brought even more clarity and insight.

Thank you for your insights this afternoon. It was fascinating. Reviewing my notes brought even more clarity and insight. Thank you. I love the idea of consciously bringing more joy into my life. It is pretty darned great now but I’m sure I can seek more, especially in the outdoors (which is my most spiritual & nourishing place).

K.K., Sherwood, ORK.K., Sherwood, ORThe constant adrenaline feeling has gone away

The constant adrenaline feeling has gone away and I’m calming down. Thank you.

P.P.I have seen an improvement

I’ve been following your directions and advice and I have seen an improvement with the rash I’ve had on my fingers. My legs are about the same but they seem less swollen at night when I unwrap them.