Medical Intuition

Is your body speaking to you? A medical medium can translate.

  • Are you ill and you don’t know where to start to resolve it?
  • Do you want to identify any ‘issues in your tissues’ that may be underlay your condition, and what you can do to clear them?
  • You’re ready to change — what is required and how do you get there? You want to learn your tools – your specific and unique way to help yourself. MInd, Heart & Soul integrative wholeness coaching may suit you.
  • Do you have a diagnosis, and want to know what you can do to support your healing – be it nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, energy therapy, reiki, etc?
  • You have been told that you have X. You are grateful that you’re not crazy that it’s not all in your head. But, a part of you knows you are more than just a diagnosis and wants to release the issues in your tissues.
  • Are you tired at certain times of the day or all the time? Are you sometimes disoriented in stores or around crowds? Too emotional and not grounded?

During a reading, Francesca:

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  • scans your body, aura & chakras; connects to Guidance and your Angels
  • tells you the information from your soul about your body health and the issues behind the dis-ease that is specific and unique to you; 
  • her readings are a blend of Edgar Cayce, Caroline Myss and Anthony Williams.
  • receives detailed information on what you can do about your issues, be they physical, spiritual and/or emotional;
  • makes suggestions and offers insights to release karma (your trauma) based on your specific guidance, such as changing your diet or lifestyle, adding herbs and/or supplements that will help you, deleting supplements that are not working for you, soul-inspired specific meditations…

 Francesca offers energy healing!

  • Healing energy is channeled and is directed to what you need at the physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels.
  • She offers online or phone sessions for deep inner issues work and distance healing energy.
  • Healing modalities include Mastery in Usui Reiki; Pranic Healing; Reconnection™ 3rd level; Vibration Healing; Crystal Healing; Color Healing; Sound Healing; Chakra Clearing and Balancing; Aura Clearing.

“We are more than a physical body, and often it is an emotion or negative belief or past event that is the trigger for our dis-ease.” …Francesca