Feeling Overwhelmed? Time for a Liver Cleanse!

Feeling Overwhelmed? Time for a Liver Cleanse!

Feeling Overwhelmed…
Is a symptom of not being in the moment. Your body is in the NOW, but your mind is thinking about the future, something else you shoulda, coulda, must do!

Feeling overwhelmed serves you.

It causes you to recognize when you are not HERE, in the now, and how your mind is fixated on the future, or how your flaring emotions are demanding attention. The overwhelm can be addressed in a number of ways. You could prioritize, clear your energy through meditation, or take a nap (if you can sleep, LOL).

Nevertheless, I also ‘see’ it as a physical need to cleanse the liver. The liver is the seat of deep, old emotions, and old toxins. It serves to filter our food and bodily fluids. You will feel TIRED or have a lack of energy when overwhelmed. Chronic tiredness may indicate a need for a liver cleanse.

What to do? First, simplify your schedule. Get what you can off your plate. Delegate! Second, the liver cleanse.

A simple 21-28 day cleanse is the best.

Begin by removing fat from your diet and all but two fruits. The good fruits are organic blueberries and apples. The fats include nuts, seeds, dairy, fake milks, butter, oils, coconut/MCT oil, any chips, breads or crackers made with oil, fatty meats and seafood. Sounds harsh? Not really. It is safe for many. It doesn’t react with medications. There is no danger of herb and drug interactions. It can be followed any where you have a healthy grocery store or upscale restaurant.

Next, limit starch such as bread to two slices, or rice or quinoa to only 1 cup a day. Consider using monk fruit, stevia, a little honey or maple syrup as sweeteners if you must have a sweet. And, yes, one serving of potato, yam or sweet potato is allowed. Try salsa as a replacement for butter or use Yukon gold potatoes for their buttery flavor. You can tailor this cleanse to any allergy, FODMAP, leaky gut, etc… body profile diet by removing the no-no vegetables, beans or grains. And if you are in a hurry, you could add 1 cup of dandelion tea (if you aren’t allergic to grass or camomile) to push a faster detox.