Flu Mania

Flu Mania

Let’s see. Flu mania. Corona Virus. Bird Flu. Ebola…

Okay, based on the calls I am receiving, this is what Guidance is telling me. This is not a substitute for medical advice and it is not considering any allergies or sensitivities some folks have.
Please do not fear. The fear will manifest a weaker immune system. Use any meditation or intention work or prayer to take you out of fear.

Next, eat well introducing good fresh vegetables and fruits. Follow with washing hands a lot if you are out in public. Finally, Olive Leaf is helpful to boosting your immune system. Selenium (low doses like 200 mcg) or eating several brazil nuts a day also aids in reducing virus propagation. IF you feel you are ill, double the Olive leaf, take echinacea or elderberry (tea, tincture, pill); brew up fresh blackberry leaves (and/or fruit/root) into a tea (seriously) and take the same amount of selenium. Watch for the secondary infection of viral pneumonia — that is the real bugger. You cannot treat pneumonia unless it is present.

In your home, clean every handle you touch once a week. Clean the bathroom faucets, door handles, everything with either white vinegar (full strength) or diluted bleach. Touch and air are the vectors. Next, sage spray to sage oil fumed into the air acts like an anti-bacterial which is not a flu but helps about 40% to stop secondary infections, according to my guidance.

The following are homeopathy remedies for pneumonia: Bryonia homeopathy if there is chest pain. Arsenic Album for difficulty in breathing. Phosphorus for pneumonia if you feel like a weight is sitting on your chest and either Antimonium Tart or Hepar Sulph if you have mucus and wet coughing. 10C or higher is best to take and use it several times a day. Please remember if you have an autoimmune problem, allergies or asthma, you should see a medical practitioner. To prevent a deep infection, the following are helpful on as a twice a day routine: large amounts of vitamin C, allicin from garlic, breathe easy tea, eucalyptus oil or any menthol (Vick’s vapor rub or similar natural product rubbed on the chest).