Dealing with Feelings

Dealing with Feelings

Feeling overwhelmed is a symptom of not being in the moment. Your body is HERE, but your mind is thinking about something else that you “get” to do!

Feeling overwhelmed can serve you. Yes, really. It causes you to recognize when you are not in the moment. It may be your unconscious mind signaling you that you have items in your life that do not move your life mission forward, so therefore, you will not have the energy to accomplish it!

Your unconscious mind and your feelings serve to show you what your thoughts are thinking about! It’s as if they are saying, “Knock, knock?? Are you in there? Do you see these thoughts you’re thinking? Do these thoughts serve you????” Maybe there are too many activities on your plate, or too many uncontrollable events happening around you, that don’t really move your life mission forward. Allow feelings of overwhelm to serve you by pointing out to you that there are things you can delete from your schedule! This means prioritizing – is it important to my every day living, is it necessary to do it today, is it truly my ‘thing’ to do?

Organizational skills, which help us prioritize, are energetically carried in the liver chakra. When your liver is tired, your ability to prioritize will suffer. Think thoughts about your liver “cleansing”. Think, “My liver is cleansing. My liver is oxygenating. My liver is resting and healing. My brain is sending healing energy to my liver. My liver is remembering it’s wholeness!” Yes, you do not have to take a supplement to help your liver chakra. However cutting down on fats and meat will help. Really, you can do it yourself by thinking those thoughts of a healthy cleansing liver!

The limiting beliefs that precipitate feelings of overwhelm are:

1. Lack of belief in an abundant supply (in this case, of time!)
Lack of belief that there is enough time is a simple way your unconscious mind is pointing out the limitation (block)! Prioritizing immediately important specific (IIS) actions, and doing them in a daily focused manner will eliminate overwhelm. Your IIS steps should be doable and specific, not generalized.
 “Clean the house” is way too general, but “vaccuum the master bedroom”, “buy different colored throw pillows for the coach”, “wash the baseboards in the living room”, etc, can give the satisfaction of accomplishment. Checking off a specific list is less overwhelming! Remember to use your calendar or planner because if it’s scheduled, it’s OFF YOUR MIND!

2. Lack of belief in an abundant supply of money! Believing that there’s not enough to go around, you THINK you “have to” hurry up and “make some”! It’s a “manic panic attack” based in fear that there’s not enough to go around! Money is made out of thin air – think about it. They simply print it at the Treasury. It is actually an exchange system honoring the value of items or services in trade. Begin by valuing your self; you are worth alot! Equally value any service or product you offer as part of your offer of service to others.

3. Belief that I have to do everything! I have to control everything to make ______(fill in the blank)___ happen! The overwhelm here is You not TRUSTING the Universe to do it’s part. You are thinking that you are alone in creating your (fill in the blank), rather than trusting that you CO-CREATE it together with the Divine Universe! To take action on the INSPIRED promptings from your heart or synchronistic occurences, rather than doing all manner of stuff you think you have to do to get the desired result of (fill in the blank), your body will relax, your health will improve, your abundance and peaceful flow of ‘steps’ in just about every category will increase. And yes, the (fill in the blank) or better will show up in your life. That being said, if you want to be a brain surgeon you will still have to go to school yet trusting in the Divine will lead to an optimal school for you, a scholarship, a great mentor, and many many easier paths to flow into to achieve your goal.

4. Out of Balance facets of your life. Exhaustion is birthed in imbalance. Your spirit needs refreshing, and your unconscious mind knows it! Therefore, if you have been going, going, going, charging full speed ahead for a long time, your unconscious will simply stop bringing up the energy to feed your choices. Because, It knows that your choices are not rooted in your Divine inspiration! Unrealistic expectations feed overwhelm. Don’t add to your “great expectations” by making real your feelings of overwhelm. Minimize the feeling by realizing that YOU ARE NOT YOUR OVERWHELM! Don’t make it significant. Use the tiny voice synaptic interruption technique, and put on a high, squeaky voice, like Mickey Mouse, and make fun of it! “Oh, I’m soo overwhelmed! I’m just so weak and incapable and overwhelmed!” Using that high voice lightens up the energy and you feel better instantly…AND you’ll very likely be laughing! Also, DELEGATE!