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Readings are by appointment either by Zoom or phone.  If you prefer a phone call, make a note of it in your appointment booking. Only phone appointments require a photo without mask and sunglasses. All readings (except the 10-15 min follow-up) include an MP4 audio recording via a Dropbox link. Recordings are destroyed after 30 days.

If you live outside of the U.S., please contact me directly. Please include your email or country code and phone number.

Appointments are available Sunday, Monday, & Thursday – CENTRAL (Texas) time.

Urgent appointments can be arranged outside of the schedule. A text requesting such is preferred, if possible. 

You will receive an automated confirmation within an hour when you book an appointment successfully.

My EastWest Bookstore calendar has other hours. Their calendar will appear on the next page.  Here is the direct link: .

Payments by check or money order should be made payable to:
FD Fleming LLC
21754 Tommy Trail, Garden Ridge, TX. 78266
Only PHONE appointments require a recent photo without mask or sunglasses. With Zoom, we will be on video together. Please upload your photo using the form below, if you booked a PHONE appointment.

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