Releasing the Issues in Your Tissues

Releasing the Issues in Your Tissues

Our issues will give us the clue to the health challenges in our tissues, and the clues to staying healthy. For example, many of us may have anger surfacing over national events. Anger, in general, can affect the body by causing hot spots such as fevers, inflammation, fatigue, viral infections, migraines, some cancers, and possibly joint pain, and skin rashes such as eczema and psoriasis. With the rise of anger or any deep emotion, old buried anger will rise up. Same with depression, hate, criticalness, anxiety … and the list goes on.

Besides prescriptions from your medical practitioner and taking in low histamine food and drink, the next best medicine is to release the old issues. There are simple steps anyone can do safely.

A first overall suggestion to healthier food choices is to follow your blood-type eating plan. The second (especially if you are prone to inflammation) would be to combine a leaky gut plan (Campbell-McBride or Heal Your Leaky Gut Cookbook by Hillary Boynton et al) with your blood-type eating plan (D’Amato). Of course, if ONLY ONE of the plans say a food is bad – don’t eat it. Will such simple changes work for everyone? It will work very well for 80% of the population, according to my guides, but only if folks take care to eat less processed, boxed, or pre-made foods. Why eat less of those man-made foods? Less GMOs, less pesticides and, of course, less consumption of chemical additives that promote addictions and destroy digestion. Besides who wants to eat the formaldehyde and alcohol they use to clean processing equipment?

How long will it take? If you have layers of fat or a bulging tummy, I suggest eight to ten weeks eating correctly. It will help alkaline the body and clear out histamine reactions thus allowing the physical ‘stuckness’ of illness to leave. (By the way, vegetable smoothies with cucumber, celery, avocado and greens go a long way to creating an alkaline condition in the body.)

At the same time, release the issues! Why would experiencing anger or depression give rise to unexplained and unsubstantiated illness? We are currently in a hot house of spiritual growth that is attempting to germinate all the ‘weeds’ in our garden so we can pull them. It is all happening for everyone on the planet. Yet, our individual spiritual growth results in the betterment of human consciousness. When you look deeply enough, the anger, depression, anxiety, or any emotional or physical illness has a basis in fear. Fear was a choice or a learned behavior taught to us. One simple way to releasing the issues of fear or anger is to use Bach or Prelandra Flower Remedies.

The use of flower essences and oil work to release old issues. According to my guides, you may choose several essences or oils that match what you are experiencing. You need to write down the key words of your experience to help match up with the books from Bach and Prelandra. For instance if you cannot Forgive and Forget a person or incident you should select Willow from the Bach Remedies. If you are Resentful about your life not being as you want it, you should consider one of the Prelandra Rose essences for inner love and love of what is.

You can always make you own special blend of remedies. Take a 4 oz. blue bottle of distilled water and add 7 drops of each essence up to 5 essences in total. This will be your personal formula to aid release, and should be taken 5 times a day. Finally, you can use it in a bath. Draw a bath and add either vitamin C crystals or two lemons squeezed into the water. This binds the flouride and chemicals used to clean the water for consumption. Next add 15 drops of your personal remedy and relax in the tub for 30 minutes. By the way, you can never hurt yourself with Flower Essences. Explore and use this method – the best that will happen will be your health and happiness.