Questions About Energy Work, Medical Intuition and Healing

Yes — drugs and medications mask your current form. They are like clay filling in the ‘pot holes’ in your form. To see past the ‘clay filler’ during the reading, I need to be informed of all the drugs or medications you are taking. Just knowing you are on thyroid medication, for instance, will allow me to pull off the ‘clay’ and give you more accurate information on your thyroid function. I do not disrupt the effects of your meds; I just see through them.

For example, someone who has been taking thyroid meds for years may forget to let me know. I might say, “Your thyroid feels like it is functioning well” and they would reply, “Oh, but I take thyroid meds.” I see this as an error in my reading – the low-functioning of the thyroid gland is masked by the medication that is supplementing the gland. If the client had told me they were on thyroid medication, I would have known to look past the cover, to ‘see’ the actual condition of the thyroid gland.

Interestingly, herbs and supplements do not cover the body in ‘clay’. They do not interfere with the readings or the healing energy sessions. In fact, I often ‘read’ how much, how often and what kinds of supplements or herbs are best for your unique form.

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