Questions About Energy Work, Medical Intuition and Healing

During a reading, I scan your body: systems, organs, cells, down to the DNA level and up to the Spiritual and Energetic bodies. I look at the physical and environmental factors as well as the issues in your tissues and the karma that may be causing the dis-ease. This Psychic Reading is channeled from your Soul and the Divine into my heart.

I compare the original design of your chakras, aura and body at your incarnation to your current condition. This allows me to receive information to help you move toward your original, healthy self–for example, a new lifestyle or nutritional program. Karmic illnesses are usually hidden challenges that arise from issues you carry from this or past lives.

A medical intuitive reading can come in several forms. Channeled information sessions help you not only to understand the nature of your health challenges but also to release the emotional or spiritual blocks linked to karmic illness. Healing and heart-opening/chakra-opening sessions are available. These sessions are akin to spiritual coaching and foster your own growth and intuitive gifts. Energy healing sessions align, strengthen and release the blocks to your healing.