Questions About Energy Work, Medical Intuition and Healing

Every healer is unique. We all have our own ‘style’ threading through the reading or the energy healing we provide. A trained and experienced healer and reader will deeply ignite your healing process. Some will focus on symptoms, whether physical or emotional; some will be guided to explore the underlying issues in your tissues. It is important to find a healer that you resonate with.

In my readings, I give you specific suggestions tailored to your unique body/soul. This channeled information can include supplements, herbs, changes in diet and lifestyle, as well as affirmations or meditations, to aid your healing process. I have found that permanent healing in my clients happens when they: 1) participate in balancing and affirming their health and/or 2) work on their issues – karmic or self-created in this lifetime. As you work on the nature of your illness by participating consciously in the healing work and making changes in your lifestyle, you will step into a healthier you.